Hamilton, TX


Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facility Sold In Hamilton, TX

Matthew Alley sold a 108-bed Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facility in Hamilton. The transaction closed at $1.2 million, which was $53,700/bed and 2.1x revenues. The 50,000 square foot facility was built in 1998.  The property has maintained a census around 70% for the past couple of years. The Seller developed the facility in the late 1990’s and has operated it since then. The Buyer is a REIT out of the Midwest.


For more information on the above transaction, or to inquire about the value of your Senior Living Communities, please contact Matthew Alley.

  alley@slibinc.com  |  (630) 858-2501 ext. 225  |  LinkedIn



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